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Friday, December 11, 2009

Is a marriage for green card possible?

Shankar writes, "I would like to come to the United States by marrying someone to get a green card. Is that possible? How to go about it?"

If you did not know this already, marriage for green card is fraud and a serious crime, punishable by imprisonment and eventually deportation, with permanent ban on ever traveling to the United States. Personally, I would suggest that if you are single and want to marry, use the Internet to find a relationship here in the USA with an American citizen (you can also try to come as a tourist or student to explore the country and see if you fall in love while you are here).

When you marry for love, your marriage will give you a lot of happiness, you will have a family, and your green card and citizenship will go through smoothly. And you can build a good, honest life in America. Doing something illegal means that you will always be afraid and live in fear. I have seen a lot of information on the Internet about how easy it is and why you should do it, but I want you to think this through because it is a criminal act and I can never advise any of readers to engage in criminal activities.