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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lingerie for middle aged women

Paul and Linda, who are both in their early fifties, and live in Tampa, Florida, write, "We don't feel we are old at all. We are in great physical shape, our two kids are in college, and we are upper middle class. We enjoy romantic moments with each other and believe that we have healthy private life. The problem: there is no Photo of a middle aged mature woman dressed in black lace sheer lingeriegood lingerie for middle-aged women. Linda has always had a fascination with lingerie and when we were young we always included lingerie in our life. However, as she has matured and her body is no longer as tight as it used to be, we need different kind of lingerie. But it seems that all lingerie companies basically design lingerie for young and pretty girls. Where can we find lingerie for middle-aged women?"

You are absolutely right. If you visit any of the online shops of lingerie companies, you will see that almost all of their models are very young. Of course, they have an argument for doing so but in a country which is rapidly growing old, we need lingerie for middle-aged women.

What that means is that you will still need to shop at regular websites but dig deeper into it to find the right type of lingerie. As you can guess, for marketing reasons, lingerie companies tend to push their most attractive and exotic designs while their more conservative designs are buried in the background. So let us say that you pick the first website and you are interested in buying a babydoll. What you need to do is to find the section that lists their babydolls and then keep searching till you find the one that appeals to you. We visited a couple of websites as part of our research to respond to your query and we found that in most cases, items that would appeal to a middle-aged woman were on page 5 in a category.

Other things to keep in mind when shopping for lingerie if you are a middle-aged woman:
  • You don't have to dress conservative just because you are no longer 19-year old.
  • Pick items that provide plenty of support, since unless you have sought the help of a plastic surgeon, you will need it.
  • Think about those body parts that are no longer as firm and perky. See how you can cover them.
  • You probably have some parts that are still in great shape. Show them.

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