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Monday, July 25, 2005

Sexy feminine lingerie for men

The topic of whether men should wear women's lingerie is as controversial as the issue of metrosexuals. Some women love such men and take tremendous delight in not only sharing their lingerie with them but also shopping together. We have heard from dozens of couples who enjoy sharing their lingerie drawer. Other women absolutely hate them and often wonder if they are gay.

Our research found that most of these men who wear lingerie are just regular folks who just happen to have a taste for pretty underwear. We are now reproducing the story of Robert who decided to share his story with us.

"Nice lingerie should be something special for both men and women. Since there is a unlimited choice of lingerie available for women, there should also be some nice lingerie available for men, which of course, is not the case. After many years of being uncomfortable in men's boring undies, I decided to explore the choices in lingerie that women have enjoyed for many years. After some soul-searching that it may not be appropriate to be wearing women's nylon panties, I decided it would be better being comfortable in silky panties than wearing something I didn't want to wear. Being comfortable starts with wearing nice comfy underwear. After trying my first pair of women's nylon panties, I couldn't believe how comfortable they were and how nice and silky soft they were. I am now finally comfortable with wearing nylon panties and don't even own any more boring men's undies. My partner has no problems with me wearing panties or even silky nighties as long as I am comfortable. She likes it when I wear panties and thinks they look sexy on me. (Related article: Underwear choices - where what you like)

So I think if men want to wear something silky and sexy they should wear it. Many ladies like men wearing these - better than Wal-Mart cotton briefs. So I say thanks for presenting a balanced view on the topic of underwear that it should be sexy for both partners, even if he is wearing women's panties. Maybe someday we can educate society in accepting lingerie for men as well as the ladies. I am so accustomed to wearing women's nylon panties now that I feel like I couldn't wear anything else. Happier now and finally comfortable!"

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