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Monday, January 08, 2007

29 year old woman dating 22 year old man

Haylie is a 29-year old dating a 22-year old salsa dancer. "He's what I call hot caramel, great body, great eyes, and personality. Never is mean nor rude to me, and always very dynamic. He has introduced me to his friends and has told my age (which I don't usually tell). He was in a 4-year relationship when I met him, broke up, and when I cut him off, he got together with his ex, Photo of Casanovabut broke up after I contacted him again. I am not sure what it is he wants from me; he has said he is going with the flow. I am womanly looking and do not dress like a teenager. I do know he feels a woman should look like a woman and be not too muscular. I do feel younger and inspired to go after my dreams as I am still in university at night while working full-time. Should I bother seeing him or stop? I don't really trust him. We've been seeing each other for two months. We are not having sex but might soon after some conversations recently. What to do? Please help."

First of all, you should get this idea out of your head that you are in any way "old" or that he is in any way "too young." Indeed you guys are 7 years apart but 29 is still such a young age. From a man's point of view, a 29-year old woman is "young." Trust me, I hear from 29 year old men dating 43-year old women and they think that those women are "young." In think our concept of age is rapidly evolving.

So I would suggest that if you like him too, then go with the flow. Treat him like you will treat any other man regardless of his age. And if he still treats you right and you want to be with him, then, consider a relationship.

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