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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How can I seduce my friend's wife?

Love blog girl in panteis on bedMark writes, "I have a friend that is not so close to me but we do hang out once in a while. I like his wife and I don't know how to approach her. The only signal she gives me is whenever she looks at me she looks straight into my eyes when her husband is not looking. What should I do and how should I approach this married woman? Sometimes she gives me a cute little smile. I don't know if she is also interested in me."

I see a few problems here. First of all you are not close to your friend. If you like his wife, you better get really close to your friend. Hang out with him more often and try to find common areas for you to strengthen your friendship.

I think the more time you spend with both of them the more the chance that you will be considered a friend and will allow you to spend more time with her assessing her situation. Eventually I would like you to get to the point that you can just ask his wife to do something with you together. For example, if she is good in accounting you can ask her to help you with your taxes. Or if you are going to find a gift for your sister you can ask her to go along with you help you pick the right dress or jewelry.

You will have to spend a few months building trust with both her and her husband. Just treat them both as merely good friends and completely put aside your sexual attraction towards her for a few months (not only you might lose your friend, things could tun ugly for you if this man is of violent nature). You shouldn't tell her anything till you are 100% confident that she is interested in you and you will find that out from her conversations over time. Women are pretty good at making their intentions known.