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Friday, January 30, 2009

Advantages of being a mistress

Previously I wrote how to become a mistress. Remember, it is not for everyone, the way marriage is not for everyone. I also do not agree with the feminists that (as long as a woman is making this choice of her free will) there is anything unethical about it.

In that context, I heard from a woman and I am reproducing her thoughts below:

"There is nothing wrong in being a mistress. In any case many women marry for money, or at least the financial status of the man is a major consideration. It is far worse to shack up with a guy for free. I would rather be a mistress or high priced call girl. You can have a loving relationship with a man without marriage and being a mistress gives you freedom that a wife does not have. There are famous mistresses in history and courtesans and very few married late in life. It is better then wasting your life on marrying a lout. Being a mistress can give you experience as an open-ended second wife; maybe you don't want to get married. It is like trying to see if this is what you want but you are free to date men and play the straight girl with dates until you find the right guy for marriage but meanwhile being a mistress can be far better then sharing rent and shacking up for free. If guy is generous then he values you. This way you can try to see if you really want to look for a Mr. Right in the future are you happier to be single and a mistress.

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