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Thursday, January 08, 2009

How to seduce my husband?

I heard from Tiffany, an extremely shy woman, whose relationship was on the rocks because of her reluctance to do anything in bed other than to lie down like a lifeless woman and hope that her husband would be pleased.

Fortunately, she realized her mistake and wanted to do something me. She contacted me and I gave a bunch of tips to her to overcome her shyness and become more active in bed. I thought I will reproduce a transcript of my chat conversation with her (if you are in a similar situation and need help, please contact me) in which I gave her tips on how to seduce her husband.

me: I wanted to discuss the lingerie options with you and give you some tips. What do you have?
tiffany: I have a sheer babydoll. It is kinda black with pink trim.
me: I like the black and pink combination one. Do you have a robe?
tiffany: Yes, I have a robe.
me: I think what I want you to do is to wear the babydoll and then wear a robe. And then act as if it is all usual; nothing do not turn off the lights but just before going to bed.....either use a dimmer or turn on a dim night lamp. And just before sliding in to the bed, quietly open the robe and let it slide to the floor. I am sure that he will notice what you are wearing.
tiffany: Yes he will and I guess everything will happen naturally from then on.
me: That is what I am expecting and from then on you can continue with the flow. Has he seen this babydoll before?
tiffany: Yes.
me: Have you ever done anything like this before?
tiffany: I tried...
me: And?
tiffany: I was too shy to pull it off. I have some rose petals...can I use them? Or is that too much?
me: Rose petals to put on the bed?
tiffany: yeees
me: This is what I think..all this time my strategy has been to make you appear as this cute, innocent girl who does not have much knowledge about sex and I don't want him to guess that you have professional help or that you are being someone who you are not. The more natural progression it appears to be the better it is...the slower the change in you the better it is. He will get suspicious that the sudden change is coming from something else like you having an affair or something. You still want to be that innocent girl that is shy but who is turning a bit naughty slowly. So this lingerie thing is a small step, especially because it is not something new that you bought. It will also raise your self confidence about seduction. And also you will learn more about your own body. Eventually you can take more charge of what goes on in bed.
tiffany: I can't wait. That's the way it should be anyway....
me: I know but hey we all gotta learn something some day.....but your shyness kept you from it.

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