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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am attracted to my neighbor

Shekhar in Calcutta, writes, "I want to say something about my initial flirt. In my flat I have a big window. I have been passing my time there only because I like cool ocean breeze and often enjoy a glass of wine there. One day I found a woman from the apartment in the next building looking at me. While I was watching she didn’t give that much of response. After two or three days I did the same. Then she started to shut the window. After a few weeks, she also tried to see me little bit. Now she is looking at me more often and it has been going on like that. One more thing, for the last two days she is also using my same time to go to her office and I could meet her on the way to the train station. So is this girl interested in me or what? Am I going the right way or not? Please help me."

How to find out if a neighbor is romantically interested?

It appears that this girl is definitely interested in you to some extent but I am not sure if this is going too far because both of you are way too shy.

I think the logical next step for you will be to casually approach her while you go to work and see if she is interested in you. Just go up to her and say hello and tell her that you are interested in friendship with her. If she calls the police, you should stay away from her; if she seems inclined to talk more about work, life, etc., you might end up finding out that she feels the same way you do.

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