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Fun activities for couples
How to keep the spark alive in your marriage?


Picture of two women wearing mardi gras masks at a party.This is a question that I get asked very often, particularly from those men and women that have been married for a couple of years.  This is also the time when women start to ask Why is my husband not romantic?  Or I am hurt over lack of time given by my partner.

It is normal that the passion in a marriage or relationship will go down somewhat with time and as we get bogged down with kids/home/personal finances, etc.  In reality, we have a lot of bored housewives.  However, I meet couples all the time that look as if they got married yesterday.  Even with half-a-dozen kids or having financial problems, these couples continue to have a great time by doing a whole bunch of fun activities as a couple.  In this article, I will discuss some of these things that couples do, particularly those that don't cost a whole lot.

Photo of a romantic couple holding hands as they stand on the bank of a river and admire the beautiful sceneEntertain friends and family at home:  You are probably thinking that not only are these people crazy, but I am crazy too.  And how can this be a fun activity for couples?  Well, the actual event is a lot of fun because you get to meet friends/family or sometimes totally new people, there is a lot of fun actually planning the event.  For instance, we have started to do a theme party (e.g. Mardi Gras theme party or "Dress as your favorite movie star") each month, we invite only couples (no kids allowed), and the planning seems to go on for at least three weeks.  The decorations, the menu, the games, the music, etc. is complicated enough to give my wife and I enough to do.  We shop together, we research all kinds of stuff, and then we cook the dishes before the actual party to make sure that we can cook them the night of the party.  (Related article:  Fondue party for couples)

Spoil your partner for one day:  This is how it works.  Each Saturday, I do whatever my wife wants me to do and I also think of other ways to spoil her.  She does the same on Sundays.  We might change the days if there is a long weekend or holiday or if something else is happening but one day a week we just try to make each other feel special.  And it can get pretty wild and is a lot of fun.  So it is up to you how imaginative we can get (e.g. I had to learn how to put nail polish on my wife's toes since I promised to do anything that she asked me to).  (Related article:  Day of spa treatments for couples)

Find a common interest and absorb yourself in it:  Now mind you that it is not going to be easy.  Even though we tend to marry people that we have so much in common with, men and women still do not like the same things.  For example, while both my wife and I are passionate readers, we like very different kinds of books.  But we have found a compromise.  Since she tends to like softer books (inspirational, personal growth, motivation, etc.) while I am an avid reader of business books, we have made a decision to read one book each month that is easy on the brain.  And we read it together.  Sometimes she reads out loud and at other times I do.  We talk about it, we share our opinions, and tell stories that come to our mind.  You can do the same.  Just pick what you both like (How to have fun as a couple) and are willing to make slight adjustments to make it fun for both of you.

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