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Latin America for couples
It is beautiful, inexpensive, and very close to home


Caroline in North Carolina is planning to take a long vacation with her husband but she wants something different. "I have been to many destinations in Europe and the US, but this time I want to explore Latin America. However, I have some doubts about the security situation there. What are a few good vacation destinations for couples in Latin America?" she asks.

Indeed, Latin America is popular among couples, but still millions of Americans have not fully explored the variety that Latin America offers. Of course, Cancun is an excellent destination for couples, and everyone that I know has been there, but Latin America offers enormous choices for couples with all kinds of vacation ideas and budgets.

Why visit Latin America?
It is beautiful: Latin America offers many destinations with innumerable choices from skiing in Chile or Argentina in August to paradise-like beaches year around in other parts. Wine tasting in Chile to coffee plantations in Central America; archeological marvels in Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and many others to modern marvels, such as the Panama Canal, the most pristine rain forests in Brazil or Costa Rica and the most wonderful hospitality and world class resorts of Mexico.

It is next door: A flight to Mexico or Central America is as long as a flight inside the continental USA. Many of us do not realize that Latin America is really that close by.

It is inexpensive: Latin America offers great vacations at a fraction of the cost in the USA. The most popular destinations, of course, usually offer the best value. That is the result of stiff competition, but you will also get good value even if you decide to be slightly adventurous and explore some of the less popular destinations.

Where to go?

Pick a bunch of activities you enjoy, and based on that, you can pick a few countries that offer what you are looking for. With this information in hand, look for cheap airfares on the Internet. At this time our favorite website is TravelZoo, but there are many other websites like Expedia and Orbitz to search for low fares. You may have to sign up with some of these websites to get an email on their lowest fares. The newsletters have excellent information on the best deals for vacations. Similarly you can sign up with airline websites like Delta or American and they will also shoot emails when they have a sale going on.

Although Expedia and others have a lot of information, they do not always offer the discount tickets that are available with a consolidator. They also do not have access to all airlines and all fares. So it is also a good idea to do a general search on Google to find travel agencies and local airlines for the country you are targeting and inquire about fares and packages. To find a consolidator, you should try a search on Google or look in the local phone book for travel agents targeting the country that you are interested in visiting. The more websites you visit and the more serious your research, the higher your savings will be.

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