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Men in feminine lingerie
Why do I not wear boring men's underwear


By Alfred Lombardi

I read your article on men wearing lingerie and thought it was quite interesting. I'm about as male as any man can be. Been married a total of 32 years in two marriages and have four kids. A career military man for 25 years and a sheriff's deputy for ten, I still weigh in at 165 lbs with a 30 inch waist and a 42 inch chest. In shape?? Yep! But I still find that I enjoy wearing feminine lingerie, a habit I started before I was in kindergarten. 

Panties are just more comfortable compared to men's rough underwear. No, I've never had a gay thought in my life, but I'm not homophobic either. I don't think that wearing soft nylon close to my skin has anything to do with what kind of people I am attracted to, though I must say that I feel much nicer when I DO wear lingerie. It has gone to the point where I crave the feeling of softness next to my skin so much that I have experimented with other items of lingerie as well. Neither my wife nor my ex-wife are aware of this secret of mine. I don't think my mother does either, but she might. She's always been partial to me when she buys me clothing, always picking out the soft nylon undershirts and boxers. She once bought me socks that were 'boot' socks, obviously made for the fairly wealthy. They were more like nylon stockings that were just a bit higher than knee highs. They were masculine, decorated but sheer ,and had a nude toe. Though my wife couldn't argue with the macho label, she DID look a bit sideways at them and then me.

I recently bought my wife some wonderfully fine lingerie during an emergency trip back to America since she can not get really fine stuff where we currently are. She has yet to wear any of the things I bought for her and delivered gift wrapped. I told her that if someone went to the trouble to buy me something nice like that which I couldn't buy overseas, I'd jump at the chance to wear them. The comment went right over her head. I should have saved the money or bought for myself instead.

What it comes down to, basically, is that I would like to be able to walk into the lingerie section of a fine department store, ask for something and be shown a choice, then make my purchase, say how nice they are and how much I will enjoy wearing them and leave without a second thought.

The nicest compliment I have ever had was when I was in the service, I had a call to go for a physical after a change in schedule. I forgot all about wearing a very nice, lacy light blue pair of panties. I just forgot and when the female flight surgeon asked me to drop my trousers for a hernia exam, the only thing she did was run her fingers over the material and comment on how nice they were, then help to pull them down while she examined me. When she was done, she touched the material once more, said "Nice" and that was that. 

Lingerie does not bind me, scratch, itch or in any other way feel constricting. It's just pure comfort. What's wrong with being comfortable?? Women wear pants/jeans; don't they? Scotsmen wear kilts; so where is the danger to one's masculinity if one wears nylon or silk lingerie? Myth, pure myth!

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