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Physical intimacy
Women need to decide when...


Image of a couple relaxing on a hammock in a romantic momentBy Imfwama Wotela

I strongly believe that physical intimacy is special and it should not be used as a tool by men to enslave women. A woman should know who she wants to be intimate with. Once we allow ourselves as women to be enslaved, then we will lose our power to the men. This is what breaks us and make us look so foolish in the end.  Women have succumbed to the demands of men for physical intimacy and enslaved themselves to the point that they feel bound, obligated to stick to the man as they believe it was for love.  (Related article:  Ways to please men)

On the other hand, sometimes a man is not connected and it’s a one-off thing for him, and its over. It had no meaning.  Women are emotional beings unlike men. I believe a woman is all wired up and everything is connected. We also take longer to heal over a heart-break. Do not allow the words “I love you” or “You are beautiful” to mislead you. Love goes with care, respect, and sacrifice. A woman should use her head when it comes to choosing her mate. If men want only physical intimacy from a woman it means that they will go to any length to get it. So why not use this extra knowledge to your advantage? Don’t give in easily. Women, love you bodies and respect them as they are valuable.  Physical intimacy as a celebration of love, is perfect, and we should all indulge in it when the time and the person is right.  (Related article:  Sex on first date)
Photo of a rose with a stem.When a man sees that you know what you want he will respect you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated: as a woman of substance, not an object for use and to be discarded. That way you maintain your power. Know what you want in a man and when you actually need him in your life. Don’t get messed up. Move with your head high as you walk in this world, full of confidence, knowing who you are. Let them respect you.  (Related article:  How to have a great night with your partner?)

There is time for everything, to fall in love, get married, educated, learn, heal, and to grow. What a woman wants is to be loved, appreciated, respected, and protected by her husband – a man that she will give herself physically. (Related:  First time sex)

The bottom line is that a woman has to be principled at all times. It’s not worth the risk. You deserve much more in this life.  So try your best to find your Prince Charming and then celebrate your love with him.  But till then, save yourself.

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