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How to approach a married woman?
Particularly if she is sending all the right signals


Photo of a couple holding hands as they admire the view of the lake.Howard writes, "There is a married woman in my office, but she keeps on telling me that she is not happy with the marriage, argues with her husband, and that she is lonely. I notice that she always stares at me, and when I notice this, she gives me a really nice smile. She even hugged me the other day, but she keeps on giving me mixed signals, one minute she talks to me about other men she likes, then she stares and smiles at me, or tells me that she thinks she is ugly, or tells me if I think her jewelry is nice. A few months ago, she even suggested we have an affair, and she laughed but I don't know if she was joking or not. I was wondering, if she likes me, even though she is not single, or is she just being friendly. I wouldn't mind a relationship with her."  (Related article:  Flirting techniques used by women to give signals)

Now based on what you have described it seems that the woman is very interested in you. Remember though that she is married and may not want to leave her husband, but may still want an extramarital relationship. That could be the reason for mixed signals. And as she hinted, she might be looking for a casual affair rather than a real relationship. Is this what you want? If so, she may be the person to target but first check your office policy - workplace romance is typically a NO in most cases, particularly when one of the persons is in a supervisory capacity over the other. A lot of people also feel uncomfortable dating women already in a relationship. It causes complications and heartbreaks thought adultery may be acceptable under certain circumstances.

And if you think you are OK on all these issues, then go ahead and give it a shot - I would suggest that you go out on a date (without calling it a date - for example, you could have a drink after work on a day that you both worked late on a project or if she has the time on a weekend, you could go to a museum or any place of mutual interest but make sure that you find out what she likes and suggest to her as if she may not be able to come but you have an extra ticket). Hopefully, it will work out great.

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