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Older men and younger women

Do such relationships work?


By Pierre Coda

For reasons highlighted in several stories that we have done on the subject of couples with significant age difference, our research is clearly demonstrating that age doesn't matter any more when it comes to developing a healthy relationship.  In fact, experience can actually enhance the quality of a relationship.  (Related:  Story of old man dating young woman)

Our research shows that with the rising divorce rates and increasingly higher acceptance of gay marriages, American perceptions of a relationship are changing. We no longer think that every relationship should result in a marriage (to have children and live happily thereafter). Many young people in our survey compared relationships to jobs in today's economy. They are not permanent and one should make the best use of a relationship as long as it lasts. 

Does having an older partner creates problems for women? A 27 year old woman says, "I recently became involved with a man 18 years older than me (Couple with 41 year age gap), and it is the most intense relationship that I have ever been in! I have always liked older men, but this is the largest age difference for me yet...and I love it! It is a whole new experience making love to someone who is more interested in your pleasure than his own...makes me want to do more for him too."

Most women, whatever their age, have traditionally preferred an older man in the bedroom. "Younger men may look cute but older men have the experience to satisfy their partner, basically because older men have learned to slow down", says Linda in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is generally believed that younger men only want to please themselves. Carol, who is in her late 40s and lives in Flint, Michigan, advises, "Don't lose your attention for a woman in her 40s because she also has learned how to slow it down. They have become more comfortable with their bodies, which allows for better performance. Also the belief that women in their 40s are less active in the bedroom is just not true."  Michael Webb, the author of the best-selling book "Fifty secrets of a blissful relationships" agrees.  In his opinion, it is not the age difference that counts; it is the emotional chemistry that makes all the difference to the quality of a relationship.  But things can still go wrong as happened in the case of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson.

Another lady, who is now happily married to someone her own age, tells us about her past romance. She said, "To be honest when I was 23 the guy I was seeing at the time was 46 and I loved every minute of it. I used to greatly appreciate the fact that an older man was more interested in you (Love, not age, matters in relationship) than his own physical pleasure. The friendship, the attention, and the maturity of an older man were a treasure to me. I have a sister and many cousins who are married to older men and it works just fine."

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