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How to stop men who like to brag about women?

Hurting your partner is not the right thing to do

Some men have a tendency to brag and in doing so they are simply showing their insecurities.  While it may help their ego somewhat, it can be disastrous to their partner, particularly if they start to brag about how popular they are among women.

Let us take a look at Katie's situation.  She just does not like her boyfriend bragging in order to hurt her and lower her self-esteem.  She says, "My man brags about women to make me angry.  Even though I told him that it was hurting me but he still slips up about a woman or someone from a long time ago.  It makes me feel he wants them, not me? How can I prevent his slip ups of bragging?"

Well, what might appear to be a slip up to you may not be so in reality.  It could very well be that he deliberately wants to hurt you.

It also seems that he teases you more because you get teased. If he is simply being playful and just getting a kick out of teasing you, then you should simply stop paying much attention to his bragging. After a while when he realizes that you are not bothered, he will shut up. Or you can join the game and tease him in return and that way you can both laugh as a couple in a playful manner.

On the other hand if he is really attracted to other women and he seriously wants you to feel miserable, then you have a problem. If he does not respect you and does not value his relationship with you, then you need to have a serious chat with him. All you need to do is to tell him that he has to stop behaving like a teenager right away, or else you will take some drastic action. There should be no place in your life for a man who does not think of you as the #1 person in his life.

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