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Tips for couples to make love

How to improve your relationship in the bedroom?

Photo of a statue in Florence Italy showing a couple in deep embrace as the man admires the beautiful body of his lover.Melissa in New Haven, Connecticut, writes, "I have been with this guy for 2 1/2 years. He goes on long business trips. So, I want to please him in bed when he comes home. Every time we do have sex, it's the same old thing. It gets boring after a while. I want some thing new and fun in bed. Please help!"  (Related article:  Bedroom tips for couples)

You are raising a very important issue - boredom does set in for most couples if they are not creative and adventurous. Imagine what happens to couples that are together for 10-20-30 years. Life in the bedroom does get really dull for them and many of them live in what are often described as "sexless marriages."  But let me share with you what are readers have told us and hopefully you can apply some of these ideas. And please do write to us on your experience since that is how we know what works and what doesn't.  (Related:  First time sex)
Change the place. A lot of couples think that the only place to make love is the bed in the bedroom. Indeed that is where we all make love most of the time and I strongly recommend that you decorate your bedroom tastefully, and change the decoration often to make it look different, but a bedroom is just one of the rooms for most couples. Our readers have found that when they made love in the bathroom or living room carpet or on the deck or on the kitchen counter, it was definitely much more interesting.  (Related:  How to make Jessica Simpson a virgin again)

Change the time. The most common thing is to make love right before going to bed. Yes, it makes sense most of the time but it is also the time that most of our too tired and already stressed out the next day's routine. So what about early morning? You are fresh, full of energy, and it is a great way to start the day. If possible, have you considered a lunch time adventure. If possible try to squeeze it into your schedule at all hours of the day rather than just before sleeping.  (Related article:  Try pheromones)

Change the setting. You slide into bed, kiss/cuddle, take your clothes off, make love, and doze off. As in your case, this is not going to be interesting after a while. What our readers have found to be most effective was to change the setting every time so that it felt that you were making love to a different person each time. Let me give an example. One of my clients was really into the whole patient-doctor thing. They had the outfits and some of the paraphernalia that they have in a clinic. Now just imagine the type of "diseases" a person can get and how a doctor has to check it out thoroughly. They would tell me a "story" each time they made love. Other couples have tried similar role plays or things like massages or spa at home or watched movies for couples or invited other couples to join them. It is entirely up to you - do what you feel works for both of you and let your imagination go wild.

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