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How to keep your breasts firm and perky?

Treat them special - tips for care

Natalie is very proud of her shapely and perky breasts, but being just 21, she know that this may not last forever. "My boyfriend is in love with my body but I know that, like my mother and elder sister, my breasts will sag over time. I am open to the idea of mastopexy at the right time, but in the meantime what can I do so that my breasts stay perky. I do not want to disappoint Jeff," she asks.

Indeed it is true that breasts start to sag the day they start to grow. It is simply the law of Nature. And while almost all women and men love big breasts, bigger the breasts, the faster and more noticeable the sagging. But there are things that you can do to delay sagging.

The breasts are mainly fat, breast tissue and the pectoral muscle, which gives it support. For these reasons, there are no exercises that can make your breasts get firmer. Because we tend to accumulate fat in the breasts, it grows in size if we gain weight and it goes down in size if we lose weight. The breast is surrounded by skin. This skin is our natural bra. Maintaining elasticity and general health of this skin will make our breasts look better. 

How to keep your breast perky and firm?

Body size changes, in other words, weight fluctuations should be avoided at all costs. These are the worst enemies of the breasts. The breast size changes somewhat during our lifetime because of hormonal changes, pregnancy or breastfeeding and weight gain/loss can be disastrous on how women look. Although hormonal changes are almost impossible to avoid, weight fluctuations can definitely be avoided or at least minimized.

Tips to maintain perkiness and firmness of breasts

Keep a stable weight. The breasts will always lose volume if you lose fat, but it will lose even more volume if you lose too fast. This is enough reason to stay away from crash diets and rapid weight loss. 

Sleep on your back. This way you do not put too much weight on your breasts while you sleep.

Wear a good support bra. It is fine to wear something cute for those special moments with your man, but at other times, make sure that your bra also provides you with adequate support. Also find your right bra size. Most women end up using wrong bra size. Some bra shops offer this service for free and find out where you can get your measurements in the area you live.  A good quality bra will make your breast look better. This is especially important if you have big breasts. 

Keep the skin surrounding the breast moisturized. If you expose this area to the sun, use sun block. This skin is very delicate and most women do not put a very good lotion or cream in this area. You may want to use natural oils such as hazelnut, rosehip, evening primrose or mosqueta rose. You can also use special breast creams. 

Maintain good posture. More than a good support bra, good posture is essential to keep your breasts firm and perky. Take a look at the way you walk and if you have a wrong posture, try to improve it. You may need to ask for help from a chiropractor.

Exercise regularly. As I said above, the breast has no muscle tissue, and therefore, does not benefit directly from working out, but it benefits indirectly because you will improve your posture and develop your pectoral muscles. 

In the future, we probably will have non-invasive procedures to make our breasts grow by growing breast tissue, but at this time to have bigger/firmer breasts, breast augmentation plastic surgery is the only proven option.  Alternatively, you could imitate what Teri Hatcher does - use sticky, plastic tape to create a temporary breast lift.

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