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Personal hygiene for couples
Should hair in private parts be trimmed

Summary: What should you do with your hair in the private parts? Will you end up offending someone special if you do or not do something? The answer is simple: do what makes you feel comfortable and hopefully your partner can live with it. If not, work with your partner to figure out the best compromise.

Photo of a shaver.There are no universally accepted rules or etiquette for hair in private parts. Most people agree that personal hygiene is an important consideration but it is indeed possible to maintain excellent hygiene without ever using a shaver or hair trimmer. Then there are traditions that seem to vary by family/religion/culture, but these are hard to enforce any way. Most people just do what pleases them. (Related article:  Bikini and underarm shaving tips)

So should you or trim your hair?

The considerations vary depending on who gets to see those parts. For instance, if you wear sleeveless blouses/shirts/tops etc. then it is a good idea to shave your armpits or find some way to get rid of the hair since in many situations it is impolite to expose your underarms with hair, particularly for women. If you always wear sleeves and never expose your body in public, then you can do whatever you want. In some cultures, some men are attracted to hairy armpits and some women simply do not shave any body hair as underarm odor is welcome. As long as you regularly clean yourself, there should be no reason to worry about hygiene.  (Related article:  Sexy feminine lingerie for men)

Regarding hair in private parts, it is a matter of personal preference since vast majority of people do not undress in public, and even if they do, most people are not turned off by anyone's personal preference when it comes to hair in private parts.

What are the options for trimming/shaving your hair?

While shaving is clearly an option, it not something most beauty experts recommend. You need to shave your pubic hair more often and when the hair does grow it is very rough and can scratch your partner. However, there are shaving kits that you can buy and they have everything that you need to shave. Our recommendation: help your partner shave or try a Brazilian bikini wax at a spa.

Trimming hair is a much better option. It will not only allow you to maintain a better hygiene, a well trimmed bush looks good and is more likely to make your partner please you orally. Again, you can buy a high-quality hair clipper/trimmer.

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