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Looking younger after 40
Style and beauty tips for couples who do not want plastic surgery


Picture of a beautiful African American woman that looks good for her age.Angela and Joseph in New York City write, "Early this year we both crossed the 40-year milestone and while nothing has changed, we are just getting concerned that we might be looking old.  We don't have the guts to go for plastic surgery or try Botox.  What can we both do to look and feel younger?"  (Related article:  How to take plastic surgery decisions?)

How old or young you feel is simply a state of mind.  And if you take a few simple steps, you can not only look younger, you can feel the same too.  And no you don't need to undergo plastic surgery either.  Small changes can make a big difference in the way you look. Most of the time, drastic surgeries are not the solution to look younger or better. This is our take after watching hundreds of “transformations” and “makeovers” on TV and in real life.  (Related article:  The Swan makeover approach is not for everyone)

Teeth whitening:  Yellow teeth are associated with old age. In reality they are the result of coffee, red wine, our genes, and other habits. Whitening your teeth is easy; you can do it either with at-home products or do it in the dentist’s office. Total budget from just $20 to a couple of hundred dollars for the best treatment.  (Related:  Find cosmetic dentist and Invisalign teeth straightening)
Image of a gorgeous woman smiling for her youthful looksLaser resurfacing This treatment gives a better complexion and younger looking skin. It does not erase wrinkles or improve muscle tone, but it promotes cellular regeneration and collagen production, giving healthier, better-looking skin. It requires a series of treatments.

Stand up straight:  Good posture is not only healthy, it also makes you look taller, slender, and even more confident. Good posture is, according to many experts, also a reflection of your self-esteem. If a person has low self-esteem, he or she will tend to have poor posture, especially slouching and curving on the back. Have you ever seen a beauty pageant contestant with bad posture?

Accept yourself:  If you have to lose weight, try to do it, but stop feeling bad because you are overweight. Do the best with what you have. 

Keep your mind open:  Open up to new ideas, new lifestyles, etc. Aging is always associated with well-set ideas and un-appreciation of new ideas or different ideas than your own. An example of this is appreciating new types of music; you do not have to like it, but keep your mind open. Keep your mind fresh and your heart open.

Have a great haircut and hair color:  Gray hair does not look good on most people. And a bad or mediocre haircut does not either. It may look like a lot of money but try new styles and hair color. If you want to look younger, your color generally should be lighter than your original color.  (Related article:  Hair trimming for couples)  If your hairdresser looks out of fashion or only does hair of people of certain age, change to a more modern hairdresser. If you live in fashionable cities like New York or Los Angeles, most hairdressers keep pace with fashion but in smaller or less trendy cities, this is not the case.

Try new makeup:  Make an appointment for a makeover at Mac or other makeup lines that offer this service. Take notes and buy the products you are interested in. An investment definitely worth making.  Similarly, men should also invest in personal care products and skincare.

Make an effort:  An effort to look good, an effort to take care of your skin, and pamper your body. All of these activities will have an effect not only on your looks, but also on your spirits and most of these activities take little time and little money if you are careful.

Make your breath fresh:  Nothing will turn people off more than bad breath. And it is easy to take care of this. Brush and floss your teeth regularly, at least twice a day, if not after every meal. If you have constipation, do something about it. Use a mint after meals. Stay away from foods that have strong aromas (e.g. garlic). If it still does not improve, talk to your doctor.

Attitude: Think you are pretty/handsome, feel pretty/handsome, and act as such. Your inner attitude and confidence has to come out for the world to see and admire.

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