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How to please a man?

Tips to attracting men and keeping him committed to you

Image of a romantic couple at homeAngie writes to us, "My husband of 11 years seems to be cheating on me.  I think I do everything I can to please my man, but it is not working.  He comes late, barely pays any attention to me, and often sleeps on the couch.  I thought we had a good relationship but it seems that something is not working.  I have tried to speak to him but he says nothing.  What can I do?"  (Related article:  How to keep it hot and spicy in the bedroom?)

When men are behaving like this, it is a clear sign that the women in their lives have failed to please them.  Actually, pleasing a man is not all that difficult.  What you need to do is to pay attention to a few things.  Before we get into the details of how to please a man so that he will be literally your slave, here are a few facts to know about men:

  • Men are more visual, and less emotional creatures
  • Men do not always associates physical intimacy with romance.  They can have physical intimacy without romantic attachments
  • It is easy to please a man:  Just give him what he wants
After 11 years of marriage, what I have found is that, many women simply are not those that their husbands married them.  And I am not talking about looking young, which of course we know that aging is impossible to avoid, but you can definitely delay arrival of old age by following simple techniques.  What I am talking about is being attractive to your man.  So try to answer the questions below:
  1. What do you wear in the bedroom?  An old T-shirt or negligee or nothing?
  2. What do you talk about when you slide into bed?  Children, work, bills, or sweet nothing?
  3. When was the last time you offered him a massage or even a back rub?  Last year, last week, never?
  4. How does your bedroom look like?  Messy, nothing to talk about, almost like a boudoir?
  5. Pick one:  The bedroom is a place to (a) sleep (b) be intimate with your partner (c) family room for the night

I am not trying to be funny here.  What I want you to think about, Ladies, is if you are doing everything you can to keep his attention focused on you rather than all the other women out there who might be trying to charm his as well.  It is unlikely that he is cheating on you, but by taking the following steps, you can really make a big difference:

  1. Check your nightwear drawer.  Try to add something that he likes.  You can both shop online in the privacy of your home so that you buy what you both like and feel comfortable in.   
  2. Think of a pleasant topic every night that you would talk about prior to going to bed.  It can be anything other than children, work, bills, and any other problems.
  3. Explore all the massage options for couples.
  4. Give your bedroom a makeover.
  5. Change your attitude about your relationship with your man.  Be the one that he dreams about.

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