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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Massage or make love: Women want both

Women think that getting a massage is as good as making love. This is a finding of a survery recently conducted by SELF magazine. While some cynics might see that as a terrible choice (after all, isn't making love supposed to be the best of all?), we see it differently. We think that massage has reached a point that one can get as much pleasure out of it as one would out of making love. So what are women telling the men in their lives: learn how to give a massage. If you want to succeed with women, apart from all the other things that we talk about, you can add one more.

Using massages to seduce women

You are probably thinking that you will never be able to to give a massage. It is something that professional massage therapists do. Yes, that is true. But so is the case with so many other things. There are professional chefs but so many of us still manage to cook pretty well to impress the women in our lives. The same argument applies to giving a massage to the most important person in your life.

In fact, several men that we have spoken to say that they used their massage skills all the time to seduce women. As soon as they tell a woman that they know how to give a massage, the next thing you know is that the women has already dropped all her clothes on the floor and is lying down for a massage. You know what follows next.

It is also important to understand that not all women expect you to develop the expertise of a massage therapist. When a person gets a massage from a Photo of a woman lying down on a bed ready for a massage from her lover.professional massage therapist (particularly from a person of a different gender), one major problem is that you are lying there in front of a perfect stranger and that is rather uncomfortable for a lot of people. While the idea of a massage is to relax, many women actually report getting stressed out. On the other hand when you get a massage from someone you know well and you are no longer conscious about being without clothes in front of a stranger and being touched in all the private parts, you can actually focus on what is the ultimate goal: complete relaxation.

There are several ways to learn how to give a massage:

  • Buy a book and/or video. Books and videos can be excellent resources and very cost effective. Hopefully, you can use it as a tool to find dates ("I am looking for a volunteer to practice on").
  • Join a training school. While most of these schools are looking for students who want to get a proper license for a massage therapist, many also organize classes for amateurs. Click here to search for massage training schools in your area.
  • Attend adult education classes for massages for couples. So if you already have a partner you can join these classes that are sometimes as short as a total of 8-10 hours and you can learn enough techniques to give massages to your partner. In most cases it will cost you less than $100.
  • Once you feel you have the skills, invest in a high-quality massage kit so that you have everything that you need.