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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Mini skirt with boots

Photo of a woman wearing a mini skirt with boots

When picking a style women have to be careful not to commit a faux-pas. That is why if you don't know something, do some research, or better still, ask someone. Liz in Camden, New Jersey, asks, "I have been a big fan of mini-skirts all my life and now I am tempted to wear them with boots. Do they go together well? What do I need to watch out for?"

Well, actually the two go together perfect. This is a classic look among Japanese girls who are known for wearing the shortest possible mini-skirts and tallest boots. In fact, if you don't have the longest or the prettiest legs but still want to wear mini-skirts, boots come to your rescue particularly that cover your knees and almost reach your thighs. Thus, you create a very sexy look without really exposing anything. So your skin will be well protected in the harsh winter of New Jersey but still be able to wear a mini skirt. An excellent example is the model on this page. She is wearing a mini skirt but her boots go way past her knees giving only a glimpse of her leg:

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