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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jessica Simpson jealous of Nick Lachey

Photo of Jessica Simpson in a pink dressWhen we end a relationship or get a divorce, why do we feel jealous if the other person finds love again, sooner than we do. It is nothing but jealousy (How to overcome jealousy) and it is a terrible emotion. In a recent interview with Elle, Jessica Simpson who has claimed that she is unable to forget Nick Lachey, she says that it was painful to see him with Vanessa Minnillo. This is when she also says that the moment after she moved out of their home, she felt "freedom."

I am also curious to know what is going on with Jessica Simpson and John Mayer. The first rumors of their relationship led to more confusion within a month about what was going on. Now we know that she is dating John Mayer but just wouldn't go public with it.

What is the best way to handle your emotions after divorce?

After getting a divorce, you really have no business having any emotion about the other person. It only hurts you and makes it harder for you to move on. Or you are so full of anger and hate that you feel that the other person does not deserve anyone else or that she or he is so bad that no one can lover her or him.

Not true. A relationship is based on compatibility of two people - just because two people can't make it together, it does not mean that they are bad people. It is just that they are not made for each other. That is why most people manage to find love and happiness again with someone else.

Maybe the attitude that Britney Spears has is much better. She tells people that it is awesome to be be single after her divorce with Kevin Federline. It is clear that she has moved on and has no anger towards her ex. She can now focus on finding love again, if she wants. Getting stuck on your ex is simply counter-productive and a barrier to finding love - potential partners will think of you as someone with baggage.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jessica Simpson secretly dating John Mayer?

I can understand why Hollywood celebrities would need to hide their relationships. First, we heard that Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were dating each other. Then we heard that they actually never dated in the first place, and therefore, they could not breakup. And oh, by the way, Jessica Simpson is still having a hard time forgetting the love of his life Nick Lachey and she also wants to be a virgin again for her next man.

Now it is hard to say if they are actually dating (because they pretend they are not) but they were clearly together as a romantic couple on New Year Eve at Hudson Hotel in New York and continued to party at Club Stereo at another party organized by Christina Aguilera.

It is also being reported that Jessica Simpson had an offer to host the bash at Pure in Las Vegas and get paid for it but she refused to do that; instead, choosing to spend time with John Mayer. And as well all know, the Pure offer was accepted by Britney Spears who apparently made a fool of herself by passing out after drinking too much (at least she was wearing her underwear).

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